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Honest Diet

Welcome to honest diet. What does it mean to diet honest? When we say our diet is honest, we mean we stand behind our products and offer you great products that truly work at a fair price. With so many diets to choose from, we wanted to present to you a diet that you can trust, a company that will go out of there way to have your products shipped out as fast as possible. A company that offers great quality products that are always fresh, great tasting and highly effective. 

Honest Diet was started in 2017 in hopes to help give people a clear definite diet that works. To help lessen the confusion into what diet really works and what diet doesn't. Obesity levels are at an all time high and we want to establish a brand that people can trust and help cut that obesity level down and help people lose the weight they want to lose and become a healthier version of themselves.

Honest Diet works if you put in the work. Our products 100% work but you have to put in the work also. We recommend 2-3 healthy meals per day and 2-3 Honest Diet protein shakes per day. Also to follow a fitness program you are comfortable with. If you put in the work and use Honest Diet products, we guarantee your success or your money back, that's how confident we are and stand behind our products.

The history of honest:

What is the definition of honest? What does it mean. To be honest means not only speaking the truth, but acting in a truthful manner as well, So being honest means speaking and acting truthfully at the same time, and this is exactly what we want to do with honest diet products, we are not only telling you they are real and authenticate products that actually work, but when you try them you will see for yourself they do actually work, and we stand behind that 100% or your money back, and that's being honest. 

How did the word honest start, how did it get its history? The earliest recorded use of the word honest, started in the 1300,s. Honest originally comes from the Latin word honestus which means respectable, decent and fine, or handsome. The word honest also derived from the French word honnete, which means virtuous and respectable. The modern word honest means someone who is truthful. Throughout history, the word honest means truthful, respectable and decent and that's what we want our company honest diet to be viewed as, and we stand behind that.

We thank you very much for visiting Honest Diet, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out and contact us via sending us a message on the site.

Be well, Honest Diet

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