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Welcome to the Discount Gas Club. Join the movement. We are here to save you money on gas....

Welcome to the Discount Gas Club. Join the movement. We are here to save you money on gas. With gas prices skyrocketing it is always nice to save when it comes to putting gas in the car. This website is 100% free but optional to upgrade to become a Discount Gas Club member. As a member for a one time fee of $149.00 you will gas chips for life. You will receive your first gas chip with your order, at anytime you ever have a problem with your gas chip, you can receive a new one and as many as you need. You will also receive the  Discount Gas Club T-shirt, a Discount Gas Club license plate frame for free and a monthly newsletter with tips on how to save even more money at the pump sent directly to your e-mail. You will also get an official paper stating that you are a Discount Gas Club member. Check out the free t-shirt you will receive with the $149.00 member sign up and if you prefer not to be a member and just buy the shirt, click on this link Discount Gas Club T-shirt for $19.00 

now let's go over the best ways to save money at the gas pump. 

1. Mobile Apps

Several websites and apps tell you the price of gas at gas stations in your area. GasBuddy and Waze are two great options  

Look for the cheapest gas stations along any of the routes you normally drive for work or shopping. Don’t wait until your tank is near empty and be forced to buy gas wherever is closest.

The price of gas can vary significantly across state lines, so if you’re planning a trip, check where prices are lower throughout your route. Avoid getting gas at stations just off a highway exit or in the middle of a major city — stations in those locations tend to charge more than ones a little more out of the way.

2. Try to fill up earlier in the week

Gas prices are usually the lowest in the beginning of the week, especially on Mondays and Tuesdays. If you’re looking to save on gas, try not to fill your tank on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays, when gas prices are usually the most expensive.

3. Sign up for a fuel rewards program

A lot of gas station chains and grocery stores across the country offer fuel rewards programs to try to turn you into a loyal customer. Each gas station fuel rewards program has its own set of rules on how much you can save and what you have to spend in order to get the rewards, so read up on the details.

GasBuddy also offers its own fuel savings program called Pay with GasBuddy. Join for free, and you’ll save up to 25 cents per gallon when you fill up at most national gas station chains. You can also sign up for a paid version. Pay with GasBuddy Premium is $9.99 a month and offers up to 40 cents off per gallon plus 24-hour roadside assistance.

There are a few gas stations and clubs that don't except gasbuddy but the majority do. Here is a few that may not be accepting gas buddy currently, Exxon Mobil, BJs, Costco, Sam’s Club, H-E-B, select Walmart stations, select Arco stations and some small, local gas stations don’t accept the Pay with GasBuddy card. But the ones that's so further outweigh the ones that don't so it is well worth getting the gas buddy card. 

4. Turn on Eco mode if you have it in your car or truck   

Turn on Eco if you have it. Living a more eco-friendly lifestyle is better for the environment and definitely helps with fuel consumption. New cars are now usually equipped with a variety of drive modes, among them a more fuel-efficient eco mode. 

Sport mode definitely gives the car more power and a stronger ride but eco mode was made to save gas. It works by reducing the vehicle's throttle response and adjusting its gearing. These actions may make the car feel a bit more sluggish off the line, but they're designed to maximize the powertrain's fuel efficiency.

5. Check your tire pressure 

It is important to check if your tire pressure is correct. Having the proper tire pressure will help your car to run as it was intended to and this will also help you save gas money. 

If your tire pressures incorrect, not even or your tires are under inflated, this will definitely  affect your gas mileage. You can pick up a tire gauge checker or check your tire pressure at a local gas station. 

It's also important to make sure your tires are aligned correctly. Having correct tire alignment  will help your car run more smoothly, which will help reduce the amount of gas you use as well. 

6. Pay with cash 

Some gas stations offer a discount to customers who pay cash instead of debit or credit card. They do this because they can avoid the swipe fees charged by major credit-card companies and make more of a profit for themselves excepting cash vs card. It's helpful to have a little bit of cash on you, especially on days that you know you may fill up on gas. If you do not see a sign you can ask the person who is working if you pay cash can you receive a better price on the gas, the answer will usually be yes. 

7. Gas Chips 

Save between 15-35% fuel consumption with gas chips, gas Chips plug right into your OBD. Gas chips are performance chips that help save you gas without modifying your car. All you have to do is plug the Chip into your OBD and it automatically calculates your driving habits saving you money behind the wheel. 

Gas chips are an excellent investment to save hundreds of dollars a year at the pump. As long as your car or truck is 1996 or newer you are good to go as all cars and trucks come equip with an OBDII port. 

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