Protein Shakes
Protein Shakes

Protein Shakes                                                                                                   


Are you looking for a healthy supplement with high nutritional values and many other health benefits, then protein shakes are here to help? Protein supplements are extensively used by gym freaks to grow stronger and leaner muscles. However, there are so many other benefits associated with protein supplements. Protein shakes are made up of two proteins, i.e. casein and whey. Protein shakes are a source of high-quality proteins containing all essential amino acids required for the proper functioning of the body. Protein shakes are easily digestible and get quickly assimilated, unlike the other sources of proteins such as meat, chicken and fish. Protein is taken out from different sources such as rice, milk, egg, soy, hemp and artichoke. Protein shakes also contain Vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients required for the proper functioning of the body. Let’s take a look at few of the benefits of Protein Shakes: -


Helps in Weight Loss                                                                                   


Protein shakes can help you lose body fats and preserve lean muscle mass. Protein shakes are found to help reduce hunger as they are very filling and create a feeling of fullness. It will eventually reduce the appetite, cravings and desire to eat more. It also boosts metabolism and helps in burning extra calories.


Protein Shakes for Muscle Growth                                                                       


With the passage of time and age, our muscle mass decreases and its place is taken by fat deposition, which will eventually lead to chronic health issues. Protein shakes can help build muscle mass as they are a rich source of an amino acid called Leucine.




Children who have asthma have a weak immune system. Protein shakes can help boost the immune response. A 10g supplement twice a day has proved to be beneficial for the patients of asthma.


Helps in Cardio Vascular Diseases                                                               


Blood pressure and hypertension are the leading causes of cardiovascular diseases and heart issues. Taking protein shakes regularly can help in reducing blood pressure which will eventually lower the risk of stroke and heart diseases.


Lowers Cholesterol Level                                                                       


Research has shown that protein shakes could be a beneficial solution for reducing the cholesterol and LDL level in the blood.Whey proteins are found to be more helpful in dealing with cholesterol than casein.


Protein Shakes for Type 2 Diabetes                                                         


Patients of type 2 diabetes suffer from high blood sugar level with an impaired functionality of insulin. Protein shakes could help regulate blood sugar, raise the level of insulin and improve its effectivity. Taking a protein shake supplement just before a high carb meal could be helpful for the type 2 diabetics.


Helps in Reducing Inflammation                                                                   


Even though short term inflammation is helpful for the body, but it can have adverse effects if the inflammatory responses stay much longer. Studies have shown that taking protein shakes can reduce the level of C-reactive protein, which is an indication of inflammation in the body.


Anti-Oxidant Properties of Protein Shakes                                           


Oxidative stress can cause several chronic diseases in the human body. Anti-oxidants are compounds that reduce oxidative stress. The essential anti-oxidant found in the human body is glutathione. Protein shakes are rich in cysteine that is required to produce glutathione to act as the most effective anti-oxidant of the body.

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